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Monthly Events 2015

Written by Sunday, 18 January 2015 21:04

Monthly Events - Waiuku Golf Course

Wednesday, 01 January 2014 00:00

Monthly Events - Waiuku Golf Course


Thursday, 15 February 2018 01:10




























2018 Committee

Friday, 16 February 2018 00:00













2018 Season 

Patron : Alan Stichbury

President : Brent Dawson (021) 457-987

Vice President : Lorraine Craig (021) 270 8824

Chairperson : John Bancroft (027) 478-5076

Deputy Chairperson : Lex Mills (021) 512-541

Men's Golf Management Committee: Les Edwards, Richard Gibbs

Womens Golf Management Committee: Margaret James, Mary Hull

Squash Management Committee: Diana Bruin,Andrew Beer

Secretary/Manager : Dana Laing

Administration Staff: Dianne Malloch (Accounts), Eunice Clark 


Waiuku Squash Committee Members

President : Russell Voight

Committee : Leon Conradie, Andrew Beer, Betty MacDonald

Secretary : Diana Bruin


Mens Golf Committee Members

Club Captain : Lindsay Russell

Committee : Les Edwards, Richard Gibbs, Alex Fox, John Penny, Paul Bracewell


Womens Golf Committee Members

President : Lorraine Craig (021) 270 8824

Club Captain : Mandy Papich (027) 510 1186

Secretary: Rosemarie Tomlinson

Treasurer : Pat Maitland

9 Hole Convenors : Carol Craig (021) 623-596, Gweneth Baird

Committee : Mary Hull, Margaret James, Di Howard, Marlene Devlin


Course Photos

Thursday, 06 September 2012 00:17

Golf Course Photos and "Play Through" Video Taken March 2014

A par 71 course that features four par 5's that may seem to be reachable in two.
Tree lined fairways and some subtle dog legs and valleys around landing distance off the tee gives the course many hidden hazards.
Excellent natural draining makes the course playable in all but the very worst conditions.


For the "Play Through" video of the course CLICK ON THIS LINK



Click below to view the pictures of the individual holes or scroll down

Hole # 1 (Mens Par 5, Ladies Par 5, #15 index hole)

Hole Sponsor: Mitre 10,

25 Bowen Street, Waiuku, (09) 235-9072

(Men 404m Ladies 392m)

Trees line the fairway on the left and right.  Two long shots and an accurate approach shot are required to make par.


Hole # 2 (Par 4, #5 index hole)

Hole Sponsor: Kaba (Beyond Security) NZ Ltd,

(09) 274-3341, 

(Men 358m, Ladies 282m)


A raised sloping green with a narrow entrance bunkered on both sides means the golfer has to decide whether to risk a second shot at the green or play short.


Hole # 3 (Par 5, #7 index hole)

Hole Sponsor: Tom Kane Electrical Ltd

Ph: (09) 235-9900, Mobile: 027-277-2346

(Men 440m Ladies 424m) 

Large trees close to Tee give a funnel effect making an accurate Tee shot vital. Large gully 135m from green causes difficulty to shorter hitters.


Hole # 4 (Par 3, #11 index hole)

Hole Sponsor: Waiuku Motel,

100 Queen Street, Waiuku, (0800) 808-777, 

(Men 170m Ladies 133m),

The largest undulating and sloping green make Tee accuracy to pin vital or else golfers are left with a difficult putt to make par.


Hole # 5 (Par 4, #3 index hole)

Hole Sponsor: von Sturmer Ringer & Partners

64 Queen Street, Waiuku, (09) 235 8179

(Men 330m Ladies 278m)

Tee shot placement vital as large trees protect left and right side of fairway. Gully through fairway at 100m also adds to difficulty.


Hole # 6 (Par 4, #9 index hole)

Hole Sponsor: Castaways Resort

(09) 236-5041,

(Men & Ladies 277m)

Out of bounds on left hand side and large trees on right mean accurate Tee shot is required. Two tier green makes location of pin important for second shot.


Hole # 7 (Par 3, #17 index hole)

Hole Sponsor: New World Waiuku,

49 Bowen Street, Waiuku (open 7am - 9pm)


(Men & Ladies 142m)

Out of bounds on left hand side and large trees on right mean accurate Tee shot is required. Two tier green makes location of pin important for second shot. Lake in front of the tee will only catch a poor drive.


Hole # 8 (Par 4, #13 index hole)

Hole Sponsor: Big Craigs Golf Barn,

(Men & Ladies 296m)

Of all the holes on the course this one rewards a centre of fairway shot best. Trees hug both sides of fairway and the contour of the fairway easily come into play. A lake short and right of the green can capture a long but slightly off centre drive.


Hole # 9 (Par 4, #1 index hole)

Hole Sponsor: ASB Bank

48 Queen Street, Waiuku,

(Men 410m Ladies 396m)

Tee shot needs to be centre-right or trees on left cause trouble on second shot. Combined green with 7th and bunker on left hand side make for an interesting third shot. A demanding hole that challenges even the longer hitters.


Hole # 10 (Par 3, #16 index hole)

Hole Sponsor: United Video,

22 Bowen Street, Waiuku, (09) 235-8414,

(Mens 114m Ladies 114m)

A short hole that is made daunting by having the road on the left-hand side.


Hole # 11 (Par 5, #10 index hole)

Hole Sponsor: Grahams Funeral Services,

37 Kitchener Road, Waiuku, (09) 236-8919,

(Men 457m Ladies 403m)

This hole has Race-Course Road running the full length down the left-hand side. Important to get the tee shot in the centre of the fairway as large trees protect No 17 green on the right. The green is bunkered but with deceptive distance from bunker to green.


Hole # 12 (Par 3, #18 index hole)

Hole Sponsor: Diverse Building Ltd

(0274) 739-244, 

(Men & Ladies 133m)

Green is surrounded left and right by mounds and also has large trees to left and right of fairway. Not as easy as it sounds.


Hole # 13 (Par 4 Men, Par 5 Ladies, #2 index hole)

Hole Sponsor: Waiuku Auto Electrical

3 Lenard St, Waiuku, (09) 235-8522

(Men & Ladies 380m)

It is essential that Tee shot is centre-right of fairway as a large gully on left hand side will block out second shot to the green. Uphill second shot calls for thoughtful club selection.


Hole # 14 ('Cloutmans Corner' Par 4 Men, Par 3 Ladies, #14 index hole)

Hole Sponsor: Greenwave Energy Saving Solutions

(0800) 479-772,

(Men 231m Ladies 168m)

This short Par 4 bounded on the right hand side by hazard (the Manukau Harbour!) rewards well placed tee shot for both men and ladies. Fairway slopes down to the hazard.


Hole # 15 (Par 5, #6 index hole)

Hole Sponsor: G.A.S. Petrol Service Station

35 Kitchener Road, Waiuku

(Men 428m Ladies 410m)

A sloping fairway to right and hazard bound full length of this hole. It is important to keep first and second shots on mown fairway. There is a dog leg right over the last 150m of the hole. The green is bunkered on right side.


Hole # 16 (Par 3 Men, Par 4 Ladies, #12 index hole)

Hole Sponsor: Mitre 10,

25 Bowen Street, Waiuku, (09) 235-9072,

(Men 140m ladies 236m)

This green bunkered on both sides and with mound in front. Out of bounds on right side. Club selection very important depending on wind direction.


Hole # 17 (Par 4, #4 index hole)

Hole Sponsor: Brian James Contracting,

10/12 Domain Street, Waiuku, (09) 235-0494,

(Men 355m Ladies 325m)

Long Par 4 with wide fairway. Made difficult by sloping green in front which makes shot onto green a precision one.


Hole #18 (Par 4, #8 index hole)

Hole Sponsor: P. James Maintainence Services Ltd,

47 Belgium Street, Waiuku, (09) 235-2513

(Men 320m Ladies 290m)

This hole has trees both left and right which catch many errant tee shots. Sloping green which causes problems if second shot is too big. Worst case you'll be buying someone on the clubhouse balcony another drink!

Course Etiquette

  • Do not talk or move while a shot is being played either on the tee, fairway or green.
  • Do not play a shot until those ahead are out of range.
  • When looking for a lost ball, call the next players through, and once having done so, allow them to proceed even though you may have found your ball in the meantime.
  • If you are more than one complete hole behind the players in front, you have lost your place. You must give way to the players behind.
  • If you have incurred a penalty, indicate this fact to your opponent at once.
  • Walk smartly between shots.
  • Take your proper turn on the tee.
  • Replace divots, and rake out marks in bunkers before leaving them.
  • Repair pitch marks on greens and keep trundlers away from green surrounds and wet patches.
  • The removal of the ball from the hole with the putter blade is not permitted.